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Why America’s Treasures….

August 21, 2013


America’s Treasures is my passion.  It’s an exploration of people, places and things about America in categories of Entertainment, Arts, Geography, History, Sports and General Trivia.  I love discovering the stories behind trivia questions!  I’ve been collecting stories for over 20 years.  The first set of stories for the show were actually put into a Trivia Game named Trivia Louisville.  Stories like Tom Cruise’s connection to Louisville, Kentucky and the Happy Birthday song being created by two school teachers.  Every community has numerous stories to tell.  Most are not even recognized until someone like me, comes to the community and uncovers the treasures hidden there.  I am fascinated by all the heritage that has created the foundation for America.  I enjoy sharing that fascination in the stories shared with you on America’s Treasures.Image


How we discover.

August 19, 2013

Often, I am asked how we discover treasures.  The answer is simple.  We go on a search for interesting facts. One question leads to another which sends us on a journey to talk with various people in different places.  Eventually we uncover “little known” facts! Then we know we have discovered a real treasure. 

I’m always surprised at how many stories are not known except by those who hold the story.  To those keepers of the story, their knowledge doesn’t usually seem like anything important to share.  And why should it?  In many cases, they have known the story for over 30 years!


August 19, 2013

ImageDo you know the story behind Fontanel?  America’s Treasures discovered this story about a place that was once the home of Barbara Mandrell.  It’s a special tour with lots of stories worth sharing.  To see more about the story, view the America’s Treasures story on or

Hope you enjoy the story.


August 19, 2013


Discover the story behind Fontanel.


August 18, 2013

Vicki Lea's Blog

I am often asked to write or speak on various topics.  I’ve been asked to write books on media, on Christian topics and on an autobiography (go figure).  Speaking includes America’s Treasures stories, my life filled with miracles, inspirational topics, business entrepreneurship and “out of the box” thinking for television and movie projects.  In the past 10 years, I have turned down publishing offers which included multiple books.  I have also passed on investment deals which involved upwards of $20 Million dollars into my ventures. 

For the most part, I wanted to stay focused on the primary topic – America’s Treasures, before I contributed my efforts to additional topics and concepts.  All of the topics above though, and more, have been ones that I have lived.  So I know each subject, first hand.

Since I keep being asked to share my knowledge, I’ve decided to write regularly on the topics…

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America’s Treasures- New Season!

June 15, 2013

The new season for America’s Treasures starts Saturday, July 6th!  Shows include the Best of Entertainment, Best of History, Best of General Trivia… and much more.  Find out who created miniature golf.  Discover who created the American Pearl.  Visit the homes of two former Presidents of the United States.  We explore fascinating stories from across America.  America’s Treasures appears on FamilyNet, Saturday’s at 5pm Eastern.

More Stories

January 22, 2011

We are always working on new stories to share with you.  As we travel from state to state, we uncover all types of  interesting people, places and things.  And we want to discover the most unique facts!  That takes digging through the obvious information to find the golden nuggets!

In our blog, we may share some quick mini-stories or even some trivia.  Either way, we’ll dig up interesting facts to renew your interest in visiting places across America.

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